Why my blog fell apart

I forever linked Polyvore fashion posts to the site….and Polyvore, a wonderful international design and fashion community, was scuttled by a subsidy of Verizon and sold off to ssense, a Canadian fashion house which I think had no idea what they had really bought: about 20 million pissed off designers and fashion forward thinkers when they expected buyers of their pricey offerings.

So, when it was scuttled all links to Polyvore vanished, including links to Pinterest postings. Hence, a hollowed out sphere what once teemed with fashion design and commentary.  Apologies.

I had spent years on Polyvore, had 11,000 followers, up to 600 set likes and really a whole lot of fun and friends using the platform. The death of it was personally tragic to me: I didn’t manage to save the 400 or so sets I did, had no chance to say goodbye to people I had known for years….no last frantic cyber ‘hug at the airport’ even. It just wasn’t there one day, just a link to a tacky ‘goodbye’ note from the staff.

So I have no way of rebuilding it as it was. I especially feel sorry for the Eastern European women who earned decent money making sponsored sets: in a country where a teacher might make 300 usd, earning as much making fashion sets was a lifeline to them. So I hate you Oath, the Verizon subsidy and I hate you Verizon and I hate you ssense, all of you for being too stupid to figure out a way to make money from 20 million dedicated users.

And really you only have to watch one tearful 15 year old sobbing her eyes out in a Youtube post to understand how tragic it was for so many.

What I will create instead will be similar to my Opera community blog, also a casualty of corporate indifference to human sensitivity: favorite things, some commentary, some art, some fashion, some forgotten poetry and discovered music.

Thanks to anyone who has ever visited here and commented.